Dieter Runge lives and works on Oahu, where he makes art and music, teaches taiji and yoga and cooks Ayurvedic food, which he also teaches. School year 2015/16, Dieter taught Elementary School art at Ka’elepulu Elementary School in Kailua. 2014/15 he was president of the Honolulu Printmakers. In 2012 he taught printmaking workshops in Colorado and New York City. Dieter holds a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Hawaii (2008), and a bachelors in both psychology and art from the University of Hawaii (2003).


Dieter grew up in Germany and has lived in locations all over the world such as New York City and US Virgin Islands. He currently resides in Hawaii. He has studied qi gong and taiji with Mantak Chia, T.K. Shih, Jannette and Zeng Chen Dong, and Yoga with Myra Lewin. While living in New York, Dieter wrote, recorded and produced several vinyl records and realized various videos. At present, Dieter  focuses on painting and a yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle. He also creates wood block prints, records music, and works in other odd jobs like painting houses. He goes kiting with friends when the conditions are excellent.

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